Software Wasatch



Software Wasatch





     Wasatch SoftRIP includes drivers for popular large and small

     format inkjet printers. SoftRIP is so simple to set up and easy

     to learn that you might forget it has the most powerful color

     and workflow tools in the industry.




     Wasatch SoftRIP SPPrinting  Color separations with your inkjet

     printer saves you time and money while increasing your flexbility

     to meet customer demands. SoftRIP SP is the most advanced

     software you can find for producing high quality separations





     Wasatch SoftRip TXWasatch SoftRIP TX is equipped with the tools

     you need to make a seamless transition to digital textile printing.

     SoftRIP TX is packed with tools for step and repeat,

     spot color atlas printing, and colorway man-agement





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